Thursday Talks - 27/03/2014

Rediscovering the Art of Seeing

Speaker: Dr. Katarzyna Nowak, ETH Zurich

Katarzyna presenting "Rediscovering the Art of Seeing"

Dr. Katarzyna Nowak will be talking about previsualisation in her photography and rediscovering oneself in general. The secret of a great photograph is – anticipating an image before pressing a shutter button. This is a mental process, influenced by our sense of imagination, experiences and emotions. It allows experimentation, discovering and listening to one’s own sinuous ways of imagination. Dr. Katarzyna Nowak does not intend to convey any specific message with her pictures. She would like to reveal abstract dimension and beauty of the motives that we too easily take for granted in everyday. She would like that people go again slower and more conscious through the life, noticing the beauty surrounding them, sometimes locked in small details.

Flow for Life

Speaker: Dr. Sung Sik Lee, ETH Zurich

Sung Sik presenting "Flow for Life"

In his presentation, Dr. Sung Sik Lee will briefly introduce microfluidics (flow in micrometer scale): Why and how the researchers study it and where they want to go with this technology.