Thursday Talks - 31/03/2016

Gravitational Waves: let's listen to the Universe

Speaker: Lionel Philippoz (Gravitation and Astrophysics Group, UZH)

In September 2015, gravitational waves were directly detected on Earth by the LIGO collaboration, 100 years after Einstein formulated his theory of general relativity. This success will open a new era for astrophysical observations of the Universe. In this talk, we will first explain what gravitational waves are and how they can be produced. We will then look at the way used to detect them and try to understand the consequences for the future of astrophysics.

History and Classification of Writing Systems

Speaker: Dr. Damian Szklarczyk (University of Zurich):

It is hard to imagine a world without a written word (unless it is a world where we run after our own food). Writing systems have become so embedded in our lives that we do not have any second thoughts about how they came to be; what is the distinction between different systems, why can't we just all agree on using chinese? and what the hell were the Japanese thinking? At least, not until, we suddenly 停 เข้าใจ यह …