Thursday Talks - 28/05/2015


Speaker: Pascal Schmitz, Institute of Law, UZH:

“Compliance". «Compliance» can be defined as acting in order with rules. This may sound very easy because we are all expected to act in order with certain rules in our everyday lives. However it can become a challenging task for companies to set up a compliance body and to comply with rules. But why?

Music against Violence, Passion for Peace

Speaker: Dr. phil. Gabriella Carli, Conductor:

Throughout the ages, violence has always been part of human life. When Dr Caril, acclaimed conductor and pianist, fell victim to a violent assault, her life changed radically. With her foundation “Music against Violence” she has organised “Concerts for Peace” ever since. Too often, violence is fought with more violence; but music is the universal language of humanity, and it sends a message that can help break this vicious circle. Music knows no boundaries of age, cultural background or ethnicity: those who make music together will not hurt each other.