Thursday Talks - 30/04/2015

Toilets in developing countries

Speaker: Nina Egger, Journalist, TEC21:

Not every country has an infrastructure that measures up to the standards that people in Switzerland take as granted. So what exactly is the sanitary infrastructure in developing countries like? How do things work in informal settlements? And what happens to the feces of tens of thousands of people without access to a sewage system? For more information, see

Cyber security, digital privacy and the NSA

Speaker: Waleed Abrar, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Konstanz.

The sharing of Information across the networks throws a new challenge to the modern society, which is how you information is sent to the intended party? Is s/he the right person to have that information? How can we be sure that our information is not leaked or altered before it arrives at the intended recipient? So we need to know how information transfer works over digital networks. Some of these issues are conjoined together and thrown under the bigger umbrella of "Digital Privacy". My talk will start with the "Zimmermann telegram" to give a real world example how Cryptography has changed the course of history and later I will explain how digital privacy concerns are dealt with using Cryptography and how Cryptanalysis is constantly improving the digital privacy. Next generation wars are actually not fought in the battle field but in the Cyber field. Later i will talk about the major threat to our digital space in the form of NSA and how we can as good as possible neutralise its impact"