Thursday Talks - 26/02/2015

Development of Cultural Intelligence

Speaker: Dr. Jawad Alzeer, University of Zurich

Cultural setup is varied from country to country, nation to nation, but the ability to adapt successfully to the new cultural setup may pave the way toward the development of cultural intelligence. Overcome differences may require to equipped our personality with the ability to learn, exchange thoughts, and a constructive dream. Adaptation process can be accelerated if we effectively utilized our cultural diversity, this can be done through a unified body or society where people with common goals can collectively work to satisfy their values. More information at

Building a global atlas of the world’s microbial diversity

Speaker: Dr. João F. Matias Rodrigues, Institute of Molecular Life Science, UZH

The microbial world is a vast uncharted territory with more than a trillion species. The recent development of next generation DNA sequencing technology has enabled us to begin studying this diversity. Understanding how microbes disperse, evolve, and interact requires a global analysis of all currently available sequencing data: almost 200 000 samples, 12 billion sequences, in total 40TB of compressed data.