Thursday Talks - 06/10/2016

Rachel van Sluijs (Sensory-Motor Systems Lab, ETHZ): Technology in the Bedroom: Sleep in Past and Future
Inventions like the light bulb have radically changed our society, but have they also changed our sleep? What we can learn from societies living without electricity and how we can use technology in the bedroom to our advantage.

Dr. Natasha Arora (Institute of Forensic Medicine, UZH: Can microbes help us identify body fluids in crime scenes?
The trillions of microbes that live on our bodies are found in groups that differ across sites, that is, the communities that live on our skin, saliva and other areas of our bodies are not the same. Potentially, these differences could help us identify what body fluids are present in a stain at a crime scene, which is important in order to reconstruct crime events. In our research we seek to understand whether microbes can be useful, reliable and accurate, with a view to improving forensic work.

Abdullah Kahraman