Thursday Talks - 29/10/2015

Peter Rüthemann (Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UZH): Aziz Sancar - Insights into the cell recovery after UV damages. Life exists, so DNA must be repairable. Aziz Sancar generated the knowledge about the repair mechanisms necessary to protect us from UV induced mutations: Nucleotide excision repair.

Davide Sgalaberna (Institute for Particle Physics, ETHZ): Neutrino oscillations: an open window on new physics. This year, the physics nobel prize was awarded for the observation of neutrino oscillations, which implies that neutrinos have mass. This discovery was unexpected because it was not predicted by the Standard Model, and probably hides new physics, which could explain some of the still open-questions: why our world is made up of matter and not anti-matter? Is there a new fundamental mechanism, which implies the existence of new particles? A description of the current state of the neutrino physics as well as the steps we need in the next future to answer these questions will be given.

Abdullah Kahraman