Thursday Talks - 24/09/2015

Speaker: Michal Beffinger, University of Zurich: "Sustainability from a Lab Bench Perspective – Introducing Swappie": Maximise the use of resources, share knowledge, save time and support society. In short, that’s how we improve sustainability, an essential idea for a brighter future. But what has it to do with our daily routine in a research lab? Sharing has always been in the basis of science, but the bottleneck is building connection between scientists. We strongly believe that it’s high time to facilitate this process. We, therefore, have launched an online platform extending to the whole scientific community. - a network for scientists, who are interested in sustainable future.

Speaker: Dr. Mahmut Selman Sakar, Multi-Scale Robotics Lab, ETH Zurich: "Bioinspired Robotics": Humans often draw guidance and inspiration from the natural world to solve engineering problems. There is a growing interest in biomimetics due to recent advances in electrical engineering, materials science, biomechanics and computer science. In this talk, I will go through several examples to explain the utility of this endeavour and the challenges that must be overcome.

Abdullah Kahraman