Thursday Talks - 11/12/2014

Dr. Christian von Mering, Insitute of Moleculer Life Science, UZH: "Bitcoin - The Future of Money”. After many failed attempts, the Bitcoin project represents the first promising approach to digital, open-source currency. What is the crucial innovation that made the difference this time? Why and how does it work? Who created it - and what do the Central Banks (and the Mafia) think about it?”

Dr. Julian Mausbach, Center for Medicine - Ethics - Law Helvetiae, UZH : "Electronic patient record or Big Data and the law”. The draft of the federal law on electronic patient records is one of the first regulations in Switzerland that confront the law under the heading of Big Data. The federal law that will be established out of this draft will be a fundamental part of the eHealth strategy for Switzerland. Therefore not only the jurisprudence but as well the patients (you and me) have more than on question on this drafts. Some of them will be presented be my talk, others maybe ask by you in the discussion ...

Abdullah Kahraman