How to give a great talk

Based on the comments of our audience, following points will increase the impact of your talk:


  1. Practice your talk
  2. Have a clear storyline and use slides only for support
  3. Mix argument with examples
  4. Use gesture to support your arguments
  5. Be relaxed ... make from time to time funny comments ;)
  6. Announce the length of your talk at the beginning
  7. Face the audience as much as possible, and turn to the slides as little as possible
  8. To be continued ...


  1. Make your slided appealing by using less text
  2. Avoid grey backgrounds
  3. Use less slides and only 1-2 images per slide
  4. Do not hesitate to play music or video, especially if they strenghten your point
  5. Put your name on the title slide
  6. Use large fonts
  7. Do not forget axis labels and titles in your graphs
  8. To be continued ...