For Speakers

Useful information

  • The talks are in English
  • While you prepare your talk, you might ask yourself:
    • Why is your topic exiting?
    • How can our society benefit from your work (in case you wanna present your scientific work)
    • How and why would a news agency report on it?
  • Keep in mind that the audience is from diverse background. So please keep your talk clear and understandable without dwelling to much into technical details.
  • To ensure maximum understandability, the talks are generally limited to 10 minutes. This way you can be ensured to get full attention from the audience throughout your talk.
  • After the talk, there is a 10 minutes long questions and answers session.
  • Please let us know, which media you wanna use for your talk: none (free speech), black board, overhead projector, beamer + laptop (you own laptop?), ... ?


  • On the following points, we need your approval. Please let us know, if you don’t feel comfortable about them.
    • An evaluation form will be handed out to the audience, which we will give to you at the end of the evening, so that you get a direct feedback on your talk.
    • You talk will be video recorded in order to make it publicly available on our webpage via

And, please don’t forget to invite your friends and family to this special evening.